What Your Underwear Says About Your Personality

By: Cindy G. Castillo Posted: 12:01 PM, Sep 12, 2018 Updated: 12:25 PM, Sep 12, 2018

Ink blot tests and zodiac signs are popular ways to learn about your personality. But if you’re looking for a different way to learn how you’re hardwired, you needn’t look any further than your undies!  The List spoke with Dr. Cristy Lopez, a psychologist and coach, to decode what your underwear says about your personality.

1. Boxer Briefs/Boy Shorts 

The first item on our quest to determine what your underwear says about your personality? Boxer briefs and boy shorts!  If you rock these, your’re most likely grounded, unmaterialistic, practical and athletic. “Wearers of this style are in tune with their body,” explains Lopez. “They’re confident, relaxed, easy-going, flirty, cool, and they value comfort.” Does this sound like you?

2. Boxers 

If you go for boxers, chances are you tend to be very relaxed and chill. You also enjoy your own personal freedom! “[You] tend to not be very active and often enjoy just lounging comfortably around the house,” shares Lopez. “Given the many styles available, boxers are often the choice of those who are fashionable and creative.” 

3. Tighty-Whiteys or Briefs

Briefs and tighty-whiteys could mean that you’re traditional and usually prefer to play things safe. Folks who choose this style tend to be afraid of change and trying out new things.

4. Thongs 

If thongs are more your speed, then you probably teem with confidence and enjoy being center of attention. You might also be a risk-taker! “You tend to be open and willing to step out of your comfort zone,” informs our expert.

5. Commando 

Going commando is the choice for those who are free-spirited, confident, edgy, and love the spotlight. Commando folks don’t like feeling constrained, and they hate conforming to society’s standards. “There’s a bit of rebellion and raw sexiness to those who choose this route,” advises Lopez. Or it’s simply that they forgot to do their laundry!  

6. Lace  

If you love lace, you’re elegant, sexy, feminine, and appreciate the finer things in life. Wearers tend to be successful, confident, know what they want and aren’t afraid to get it. “They often rebel in knowing that underneath their power suits, they are wearing their favorite pair of lace underwear.”

7. Silk  

If Silk is your go-to fabric, people consider you classic, kind, delicate, glamorous and sensual. You like to live in the moment. “They also enjoy the softness and feel of their underwear against their own skin.” Ooh la la!

8. Granny Panties

The advantages of wearing “granny panties” mirror your personality traits. “This choice is for the practical and detail-oriented person who doesn’t want to show panty lines or seams,” Lopez explains. So you’re most likely a modest individual who prefers to live fuss-free!

9. Animal Print  

Animal print is the choice for those who have a bit of a wild side. It’s also the choice for those who are looking to please their partner. Our expert says those who wear this style enjoy tapping into their partner’s animal side as well. Dr. Lopez explains the psychology behind this: when the brain detects a leopard, tiger or cheetah pattern, it triggers a fear response, which can get translated into increased sexual arousal. Love zebra print? Our expert says you exude a chase and catch me! vibe.   

Next time you’re getting dressed in the morning, think of what your underwear says about your personality!






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