What’s The Deal? 3 Incredible Store Brand Savings

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By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 3:58 PM, Nov 8, 2016

With the holidays on their way, a lot of us will be spending more time and money at the grocery store. The bad news is there will be long lines to check out, but the good news is Jimmy Rhoades and Consumer Reports’ Tod Marks have ways to save you about 25-percent on a whole lot of products.

1.  Supplies

Kitchen supplies such as lightbulbs, garbage bags and laundry detergent do well as store brands. Costco's Kirkland brand has some particularly good products in this category.

2.  Kitchen Staples

In some cases the manufacturer who produces name brand products will make a store brand equivalent. That’s especially true where you have perishability as an issue. The website Where Is My Milk From lets you enter the processing plant code found on every carton of milk. You will find the store brand and the national brand are often from the exact same plant. That means it's the exact same milk, but less expensive.

3.  Snacks

Private label nuts, crackers, and granola bars generally do very well in taste testing against national brands. Try them out to find out what you like best. There's virtually no risk involved in giving store brands a try if you take advantage of the money-back guarantee.

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