What’s The Deal? 3 Secret Student Discounts

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By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 4:55 PM, Nov 5, 2016

If you have a kid in college, you've asked the question: "If they're so independent, why am I going broke?" We’re here to help! Jimmy Rhoades has three secret student discounts that will help ease the financial pain.

1.  Computers

Most computer companies want to get your student hooked on their platform, and they're willing to deal. A MacBook Pro at the regular Apple store starts at $1449, but education pricing starts at $1199, a savings of over 18 percent. You'll also find student pricing on computers from Dell, HP and Lenovo. Microsoft has special offers on software and if you want to shop multiple brands, Best Buy always has College Student Deals.


This website and app gathers a huge variety of student discounts onto a single location, and offers exclusive coupon codes for students. Beyond discounts, it also has a student ID verification that's recognized at many retailers.

3.  Amazon Student

It's basically Amazon Prime without Amazon Music or the Kindle lending library, and certain Prime discounts aren't available. Prove you're a student and sign up for the free six-month trial. Alter that it's half price while you're a student for up to four years.

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