What’s The Deal? 3 Smart Tips to Fix Your Smartphone

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By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 5:28 PM, Jan 18, 2017

Your smartphone is like a part of your body. When your body is broken you see a doctor, but what do you do when your most important communication device is shattered? Jimmy Rhoades has three "health care" options for when your phone is on the fritz.

1.  Send Your Phone to the E.R.

Services like Gadget Fix and I-Fix-Screens have mail-in service. Call or email a description of the problem, and they'll generate a free estimate. If you like what you hear, you ship them your phone for repair. They have shipping instructions on their websites. Yeah, you'll have to fire up that old flip phone that you have sitting in a drawer, but when your phone comes back it'll be good as new.

2.  Have a House Call

Just like doctors of old, there are technicians who make house calls. Companies like CellSavers Phone Repair will repair your smartphone in around 20 minutes and their services are available in most cities.

3.  Perform the Surgery Yourself

IFixIt.com has repair tutorials for just about every major smartphone. Use the search bar to find yours, play the video through once for an overview and then gather the tools and parts you'll need. They even sell them right on the site. Be sure to follow along with the video carefully.

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