What’s The Deal? 3 Ways to Winterize Your Home Using Caulk

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By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 8:08 PM, Oct 3, 2016

Winter is coming so it's time to winterize your home from the cold. Jimmy Rhoades and Home Depot's Bill Troup have three money-saving caulking tips.

1.  Roof Repair

The caulk you will use here is roof repair plastic. Add a bottom coat, press in mesh and then a top coat to finish.

2.  Doors & Windows

A more traditional job for caulk, but crucial for winterizing — is to seal the gaps around doors and windows using an acrylic latex sealant.

3.  Gutters & Downspouts

Fix leaks in downspout junctions and gutter joints with a kind of caulk called flashing.

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