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By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 9:54 PM, Jul 25, 2016

Summer travel is projected to hit an all-time high this summer, with more than 231 million passengers forking over about $400 a pop to fly. With so many flight aggregators online, finding the best available price on tickets has never been easier. After you've scored your best deal, you still have to get on the actual flight. We bet after four hours of being crammed into the armpit of the dude sitting next to you, you'll forget about that cheaper price!

That's why WalletHub included categories other than price in its 2016 airline ratings. Jimmy Rhoades and Jill Gonzalez looked at 10 of the largest U.S. airlines, as well as three regional carriers, not only on price, but also things like cancelations, delays, complaints, and in-flight comfort.

1.  Reliability

Delays, cancelations, mishandled luggage and denied boarding can really ruin your vacation. Delta, Alaska, and Virgin America actually came through as the best. The worst airlines for reliability were Express Jet and Envoy Air.

2.  Comfort

Airlines have been shrinking leg room for years. It's measured by "pitch," which is the distance from the back of one seat, to the back of the seat in front of it. According to SeatGuru, the best is JetBlue. The pitch on all of its seats is 32 inches or more. Frontier is the worst, some of their standard seats have a pitch of only 28 inches.

3.  Pet Friendliness

Our cats and dogs are part of the family, so you want to make sure they're being treated right. You'd be surprised how many airlines see things like animal losses, injuries, even deaths. Alaska, United and Delta had the fewest animal incidents.

Once you're close on price, use this information to find the airline that best matches your travel priorities. It’s all about enjoying the journey, and not having to worry about the travel experience.

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