What’s The Deal? How to Cash in On Class Action Lawsuits

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By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 9:09 PM, Jul 20, 2016

At some point, you've probably gotten a notice that you're owed money from a class-action lawsuit, and it can just seem sketchy, right? But money does get paid to regular folks. Jimmy Rhoades found a Sherpa to help him climb class-action mountain, Attorney Stephanie Fierro. She has four tips for you to follow, to cash in on these lawsuits.

1.  To Take Action, You Need Class

This is why you see those advertisements trying to get people to sign up to be part of the class action lawsuit. When people call that 800 number, or visit that website, they'll be asked questions to determine whether or not they meet the qualifications for damages based on a specific product, or company's malfeasance.

2.  Demonstrate a Valid Claim

Take the Starbucks example. There have been complaints that they don't put the number of fluid ounces promised for the price in their iced drinks, that it's more ice than beverage. A judge will have to determine whether or not that's true, and whether or not it warrants a penalty.

3.  Most Cases Settle

To simplify it, let's say the settlement amount is a million dollars, and it's represented by this delicious pie. If only eight people have signed up to be members of the class, you'll get a nice, fat slice of pie. If a hundred people are in the class, your slice can be considerably smaller.

4.  Don’t Miss Out

So when you get those postcards in the mail, sign it and send it back!

Getting your slice of the class action pie is what's the deal!

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