What’s The Deal? Top 4 Cell Phone Plan Options of 2016

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By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 6:55 PM, Nov 2, 2016

Comparing cell phone plans across carriers is like installing a NASA console with instructions badly translated from Japanese into Sanskrit. Jimmy Rhoades and WalletHub’s Jill Gonzelez making things easier with some easy options that will save you money.

1.  The Big Four

Sprint is generally the cheapest, costing less than $2,000 across two years for any type of plan. Most providers really can't say that at all. The most expensive is Verizon.

2.  Don't Discount Discount Carriers

Low cost carriers are hidden gems. One of the reasons is because they use the same data providers, but they use them on their own terms. They purchase huge chunks of minutes and data from the “Big Four” and then pass the bulk discount to you. Low-cost carriers usually save anywhere from $300 to $600 yearly.

3.  Focus On Price

This idea of the less you pay, the worse your coverage was valid maybe three to five years ago, but across the board, you really should be looking at price now.

4.  Buy Your Phone

No matter which provider you choose, don't make monthly payments on a phone. It's better to buy your phone up front rather than to lease it over the course of two years. That's because there's a less risk taken on by the providers themselves. So save up, look for deals and buy your phone.

Here’s WalletHub's cellphone plan comparison calculator so you can price out the best deal for yourself.

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