What’s The Deal with Investing Your Money?

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By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 6:24 PM, Dec 7, 2016

Americans are really good at spending money. Saving and investing? Not so much! There are scads of scary statistics like 30 percent of American’s have no savings at all and half couldn't cover a $400 emergency without borrowing money or selling something. Jimmy Rhoades has three apps and online services that can help with your financial issues.

1.  Aspiration

This is a new online-only bank. It reimburses 100 percent of ATM fees, pays interest on checking with no monthly service fees, and handles banking services through an intuitive app.

2.  Squeeze

Not the band! It's a beta-stage app that suggests ways to "squeeze" your budget by automatically looking for savings on your monthly bills. The advice tab has helpful articles, and the "my money" tab offers insights on your spending habits.

3.  Digit App

Digit studies your spending and income history to predict your cash flow, and then checks in daily for savings opportunities. The app's algorithms sock away money for you. The trick is you're not doing a set, automatic deposit amount. Digit only pulls what's available in your account, even when that amount changes month-to-month.

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