What’s The Deal with Social Media Shopping?

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By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 2:11 PM, Nov 21, 2016

You log on to Facebook looking for cat videos, and what do you see? Ads for products you can click and buy right off your newsfeed! We are getting bombarded with marketing whether we know it or not. Jimmy Rhoades spoke with social media marketing expert Peg Fitzpatrick to learn the basics of social shopping.

1.  You See What You Search

If you search for a new car, or purse, then on your Facebook feed you’ll see the same items. Those are chaser ads and they run on cookies. Cookies are these little things that help track you around the internet. They can dig deep, and can go by location, age, income to get exactly their target audience. You can throw them off your scent by blocking cookies or using incognito mode in your browser.

2.  Play The Game

The reality is that you're going to see some ads so you might as well see things that you might actually like. Facebook has this secret score called the relevancy score and you can customize it yourself by highlighting the ones that you don't like. Just hover over the ad to reveal the contextual menu, and select hide ad. They'll even let you tell them why you don't want to see it.

3.  Old Tricks on New Media

Ever see a great offer on your feed, and it says there are only three items left? Manufacturing a sense of scarcity is an age-old marketing tactic. They are playing with a sense of urgency because it does help in marketing. You don't want to lose out on the exclusive deal. In most cases there's a warehouse full of whatever they say they only have three of. It's just your computer acting like a mattress sale.

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