What’s The Deal with Social Media Sites Copying Facebook?

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By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 10:15 PM, Dec 14, 2016

Twitter's for blurbs — Instagram's for pics — Snapchat's for fun, but after more inbreeding than the Royal Family, social media platforms are melting into a single, featureless, social media blob called Facebook. Jimmy Rhoades and social media consultant Tami Brehse have more on the cannibalization that’s happening with many popular websites.

1.  The Snapchatification of Instagram

Snapchat really blew up because people loved the ability to make short fun, little video clips that almost act as a montage of your day. And then all of a sudden Instagram came out with their very own "stories" feature, which is really just a carbon copy of what Snapchat's doing, complete with text overlays, and filters… it's almost exactly the same thing.

2.  The MySpaceification of Periscope

Twelve months or so ago, it seemed like everyone was getting on Periscope, and now you hardly ever hear about it because Facebook launched its LIVE feature. Facebook's not dumb. When they see a great idea, they're going to jump on it. If they can't buy you out, they're going to create a feature that might be the exact same thing you're doing, but for their own platform.

3.  The Facebookification of Twitter and Instagram

In the last six months or so, you've probably noticed that your Twitter feed and your Instagram feed both have that algorithm-style newsfeed. So they saw, 'Hey, it worked for Facebook. We're going to do the same thing.'

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