What’s The Deal with Student Loan Forgiveness?

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By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 9:43 PM, Feb 23, 2017

The average college student graduates with just over $37,000 in student loans. That equals out to a normal car payment. Without, you know… the car! You want an advanced degree? Law school graduates have an average debt of over $140,000 and med school grads have over $161,000 in student loans. There's your mortgage payment, without the house! We’re here to help. Jimmy Rhoades and Student Loan Hero’s Andrew Josuweit have four careers that can wipe out that debt.

1.  Teachers

If you’re a teacher working for the state or even at a university that's a public institution you can get student loan forgiveness.

2.  Lawyers

You can't be in private practice, but something like a public defender qualifies. Since you're working for a state or federal entity, you're going to fall under those qualifying payments.

3.  Doctors

If you're working for a military hospital or working for a state-owned hospital or a non-profit hospital you can get student loan forgiveness.

4.  Non Profit

There are a lot of alternative degrees that you can apply in a non-profit environment, where you can be providing value to the community, but also be working your way toward public service loan forgiveness.

In addition to the right kind of job, you've got to have the right kind of loan. If you're working with a private lender you might be able to move your loan to a federally-backed provider. MORE INFO!

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