What’s the deal with sustainable shopping?

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By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 5:16 PM, Jul 14, 2017

You can make more sustainable choices when you shop. There's a huge amount of decisions that are going along in every supply chain. Alexander Gillett's the CEO of the HowGood food rating app is sharing three factors to consider to keep your shopping cart sustainable with Jimmy Rhoades.

1.  Sourcing

By sourcing what we mean is growing practices and those labor standards and the animal husbandry and it's probably the largest overall impact within food products. That includes CO2 emissions. Best practices include local-organic farming. You can find them at a local farmers market where their pricing will be a lot lower or equal to a conventional product and still have that high standard.

2.  Production

By production we mean how everything is made and how it's processed. Packaging is really absurd. You see more and more fruits and vegetables being covered in plastic.

3.  Organization

Look out for food providers that are so bad, you don't want to give them your business. Anyone buying that product would not want to support that behavior.

The HowGood app has boiled all these indicators into a single sustainability score for over 200-thousand products.

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