Halloween Sweaters: Here’s Where to Buy Halloween Sweaters This Year

By: Jacqui Denker | Kristina Guerrero Posted: 9:36 AM, Oct 23, 2018

Move over ugly, Christmas sweaters, because we’re trading in our Santas for ghouls. Personal stylist Charissa Dantas walks us through this new trend and shares where to buy Halloween sweaters of your own!


1. Where to Buy Halloween Sweaters Online


Don’t want to leave the house? Then our first tip on where to buy Halloween sweaters if for you: buy online! You have many options depending on what you’re looking for, and what your price range is.  “For example, if you want something for five dollars, you can start at eBay because everything starts from five dollars and up,” says Charissa. “Or if you are looking for something more unique or vintage, you can go to Amazon or Etsy.”


2. Hit the Discount Stores


If online browsing’s not your thing, here’s where to buy Halloween sweaters in person: the discount stores! “If you want to go out and shop, I highly recommend going to Target or Walmart – or even the mall where there is Spencer’s and Hot Topic,” Charissa offers. “But if you want a bargain, you should hit up a Goodwill.” Who doesn’t love a good deal for something you’ll where once a year?!


3. Make Your Own DIY Halloween Sweaters


Finally, we’re getting crafty so you can make your own! “So we know you can buy sweaters online and at the Goodwill […], but I think the fun lies in doing it yourself,” insists Charissa. You can try grabbing a sweater from Goodwill and pick up some decorations to jazz things up at the dollar store. Once you have all your supplies, get to pinning – no glue gun needed! Making your own can cost you as little as $10.


If you’re searching for where to buy Halloween sweaters this year, now you’ve got at least three ways to get your hands on one!