Which Shark Week shark is your spirit animal? Your zodiac sign can tell you!

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By: Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 10:57 PM, Jul 20, 2017

Shark Week's coming up and there's no better way to learn about the awesome, terrifying, super cool, and kind of cute predators of the sea. But if you also feel like you need to learn more about yourself as you prepare for Shark Week's return, check out what featured Shark Week shark you are based on your zodiac sign!

1. Aries: Mako Shark

One of the fastest shark species in the world, the Mako embodies the Aries' determination, enthusiasm, and sometimes impulsiveness. Aries signs are among one of the most energetic zodiac signs, too, and Mako Sharks can travel over 62 miles per day! I'm tired just thinking about it.

2. Taurus: Scalloped Hammerhead

Taurus is practical, devoted, and likes to be surrounded by love, which is why the sign would be a Scalloped Hammerhead. The shark sometimes stays sedentary to travel by letting currents carry them as they swim – that's a shark thinking practically.

It also likes to hang out in schools – just for the company! – which sets them apart from other species of sharks – and also, probably a lot of humans.

3. Gemini: Sand Shark

Gentle, social, and adaptable, Geminis might identify most with Sand Sharks. Also considered to be calm creatures, these sharks can also adapt to water and air, sometimes taking large gulps of it from the surface so they can float sneakily towards their prey. Sneaky-freaky!

4. Cancer: Frilled Shark

Cancers like to keep to themselves and spend time at home, except for when people they care about come around. That's why they'd be a Frilled Shark. A real homebody, this shark often hangs out in and around its cave, or by crevices it can hide in, popping out here and there to surprise its prey.

This food teqnique is very similar to how I hunt for food, which is to hide in my house until pizza is delivered, only to pop out to grab the pizza – then back into my cave.

5. Leo: Banded Wobbegong

The Wobbegong, Aboriginal for "shaggy beard", is a shark that's easy to admire, much like Leos are (or like to think they are). They come in different spots and patterns, and can be pretty entertaining to people observing it; but also like Leos, the Wobbegong can be considered as lazy, especially since they're hunting style is often camouflaging themselves on the sea floor to surprise unsuspecting prey.

Low blow, Wobbegong. Literally.

6. Virgo: Grey Reef Shark

Like Virgos, Grey Reef Sharks are loyal and like to spend time with their friends. Practical, the sharks like to hang out in shallow water for ease of finding fish to eat. But also like Virgo, Grey Reef sharks can get defensive if you wander too far into their territory before they're ready. They won't be outright mean, but will extend their flippers as a warning.

And if you don't heed their flippers: watch out.

7. Libra: Bonnethead Shark

Libras are fair-minded and like to help others; making them the perfect zodiac match for the Bonnethead shark. The females of this species often head out to look for food together; and when they get to the feeding area, they transmit messages about their tasty finds to other Bonnetheads! They could be nomming on all that Blue Crab selfishly, but, like Libras, they like to share with others and be diplomatic.

You go, Bonnethead Sharks.

8. Scorpio: Blacktip Shark

Quiet at first but full of power and passion, Blacktip Sharks embody the intensity of the Scorpio. The species is known to be able to go from chilling in shallow waters to leaping out of the ocean, spinning 3-4 times before landing again to catch prey. That's their passion…! For their dinner! And while interested in humans when they come in contact with divers, like their zodiac counterparts, Blacktip Sharks aren't too interested in creatures they don't know.

9. Sagittarius: Whale Shark

Generous (in size) and pretty silly, the Whale Shark goes best with Sagittarius. This sign is funny, social, and sometimes leaps before it thinks – reminiscent of the Whale Shark's goofy, gaping mouth, and the fact that it's so giant it literally leaps before it thinks – it's 65 feet in length! You're not getting a thought out before all that swims by.

10. Capricorn: Nurse Shark

Like the Nurse Shark, Capricorns can be independent enough to hang out alone, but also appreciate the company of creatures they like when looking for fun. Capricorns and Nurse Sharks also like to be smart yet understated; the shark species can often be found hanging out, either resting, or laying low…that is, until inattentive prey discover they're being eaten.

11. Aquarius: Lemon Shark

Cancers are progressive and humanitarian and so is the Lemon Shark. You might think that any old shark will eat a fish that gets too close to it. But Lemon Sharks hang out with fish all day – suckerfish in particular; the fish eat parasites under the shark's belly; and the shark gives the fish protection.

Aquarius signs do love to help others. But they can also be aloof, so, hopefully the Lemon Sharks can tell the difference between helping someone out and being used…can fish be manipulative?

12. Pisces: Great White Shark

Pisces are intuitive, wise, and musical, making them a good match for the Great White. This shark, sometimes considered to be a totem of wisdom and survival, is an incredibly intuitive hunter, smart enough to know that positioning themselves under seals is the most effective way to eat them for lunch.

And, fun fact, some people believe Great Whites are fans of metal music! The vibrations of the beats feel similar to the vibrations from schools of fish! Rock on, Great Whites.

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