Who is Joe Hawley? 4 Things to Know About the Man Van Dog Blog

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By: Meredith Witthar | Kristina Guerrero | Victor Padilla Posted: 2:46 PM, May 7, 2019 Updated: 2:57 PM, May 7, 2019

If you’ve been wondering who is Joe Hawley?, then we’ve got your covered! Lots of us would love to just quit our jobs and do something solely to make ourselves happy. Well, one retired football player is doing just that and he’s blogging about his journey here. Read on to learn all about the Man Van Dog Blog!


1. Who is Joe Hawley?


Joe Hawley is documenting his journey traveling around the country as the Man Van Dog Blog. But not too long ago, Joe’s life was quite different making the big bucks playing in the NFL. “I played football for eight years in the NFL,” shares the athlete. “I played five years with the Falcons, three years with the Bucks. [Then] I just decided that I didn’t want to play for a paycheck anymore – I wanted to go find out what made me feel alive.”


2. He Found His Freedom


After some soul searching, Joe hung up his cleats and decided to find his freedom. “I took a step back and said, you know what – let me enjoy the fruits of my labor a little bit; take a break and take advantage of this unique opportunity I had to kind of experience for the first time, really, some freedom as an adult,” he explains. But he also wanted someone in his life to share that freedom with. “When I decided to hit the road, I knew I wanted a travel companion, and that’s when I found Freedom curled up in a cage kind of sulking really upset,” adds Joe. “For some reason, I just felt like she would be so grateful to get out of there. So I took her home, and about 30 minutes later she was on top of me just licking me nonstop, and we’ve connected ever since.” Hence, the Man Van Dog Blog name was born!


3. He’s Living with Less & Experiencing More


Yep, Joe Hawley had the dog – but in order to fit his life in the van, he donated everything he owned to charity so he could experience independence on the open road. And with all that gone, he’s been experiencing a whole lot more!


4. He Ventures into the Unknown


Joe never would have seen these things without venturing into the unknown. “I’m so dang happy now that I went through the whole situation because it’s taught me a lot about what I’m capable of and what I can overcome,” he says. “So pushing myself outside my comfort zone is just the next step.” And since we can’t all go with him on his amazing adventures – he says that’s why created the Man Van Dog Blog. “I felt like it was kind of my responsibility to share the experience ‘cause I know a lot of people are stuck in jobs that they’re not happy at doing things that they wish they could be doing something different.”


Feeling inspired yet? Those are a few things you should know about Joe Hawley’s Man Van Dog Blog.


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