Who Plays the Genie in the New Aladdin 2019 Movie?

By: Dave Taylor | Cindy Castillo | Victor Padilla Posted: 11:44 AM, May 23, 2019

Aladdin hits theaters Friday with and we’re getting you ready with some trivia about the franchise – including who plays the genie in the new Aladdin!


1. Many Versions


The first bit of trivia we’ve got for ya? This new version is definitely not the first version, or even the second or third! Sure, you remember the animated 1992 movie, but we bet you didn’t know that version had two straight-to-DVD sequels! And that’s not all. What started as a Middle Eastern folk tale has also been an animated Disney show, a video game, and a Broadway musical!


2. Franchise Made a Lot of Money


So why so many versions? Well, at number two – let’s just say the franchise has made a lot of coin. Aladdin was 1992’s highest-grossing movie; the first-ever animated flick to make more than $500 million; and was the highest-grossing animated movie ever – until two years later when it was beaten by another animated flick getting a live-action reboot this year: The Lion King.


3. The Music


But it’s not just Aladdin’s cash flow that makes Disney keep rubbing that lamp. At number three – you can’t forget the music! “A Whole New World” won the Oscar for Original Song and became the first and only Disney song (so far!) to win the Grammy award for Song of the Year. Two new versions of it have been made for this new flick – one performed by Zayn Malik and Zhavia Ward for the end credits, and one performed by the movie’s main stars Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott.


4. Who Plays the Genie in the New Aladdin?


If you wanna know who plays the genie in the new Aladdin, we’ve got you covered! It’s none other than Will Smith, who has a big lamp to fill taking on this iconic role. Robin Williams cracked us up in the animated movie, and many credit him as the reason bigger celebs, instead of just voiceover artists, started headlining animated movies.


Are you as amped as we are for the new version? Now you know who plays the genie in the new Aladdin, plus three other fun facts!


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