Whole Foods: 5 Ways to Save Money & Feed Your Family for $50

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By: Jared Cotter | Jessica Robertson Posted: 10:16 PM, Feb 2, 2018

Think getting a week's worth of groceries at Whole Foods for under $50 is impossible? Think again. Since Amazon bought out the company, prices have lowered, which can only mean good news for your wallet. Chef Teresa Hansen has five ways you can eat an entire meal plan of fresh, delicious food all under $50:  

1. Online Coupons 

A lot of people don't know that Whole Foods has online coupons, but they are actually super easy to access through their official Whole Foods app. The app also features their circulars and special discounts based on your nearest location, so you can look for sales ahead of time.  

2. Buy in Bulk 

Buying in bulk works great for toilet paper, but, does it work for food? Turns out, it does! The bulk section is great to get your breakfast items, like oats, snacks (like nuts and seeds!), and side dishes like brown rice. Per pound, rice will cost you about $1.50 less than the pre-packaged version. Not to mention this method will also help you buy only what you need without wasting product! 

3. Don't Snub the Store Brand 

Whole Foods has a great top-quality brand, "365 Everyday Value." Their line of products includes cans of beans for $0.99 for organic, whereas the competitor is nearly three times that price. Even pantry staples, like olive oil, are competitively priced. 

4. Go Frozen 

The frozen section is one of the best places to find amazing deals. Fruits and veggies are flash-frozen at peak freshness, so they maintain their nutrients. A bag of frozen blueberries will run for about $2.99, compared to a fresh pound of blueberries at about $4.99. Frozen food will also last you longer. You can keep these in the freezer for up to a year, whereas fresh produce will spoil faster. 

5. Let's Meet at the Meat Counter 

Every week, Whole Foods will have three proteins that are on sale. For instance, a pound of chicken breasts can go down to about $3.99 a pound. The sales include high-end cuts of beef, too, such as top sirloin for about $6.99 a pound. Steak dinner for two is back on!  


BONUS: Here's a look at Chef Theresa Hansen's 5-day meal plan for two, along with a shopping list, all under $50.

Day 1: 

Breakfast: Egg and avocado toast 

Lunch: Egg salad sandwich 

Snack: Banana 

Dinner: Beef, broccoli and brown rice 


Day 2:  

Breakfast: Spinach omelet and toast 

Lunch: Beef, broccoli and brown rice 

Snack: Blueberry chia pudding 

Dinner: Chicken with sweet potatoes and Brussels slaw 


Day 3:  

Breakfast: Egg and avocado toast 

Lunch: Chicken with sweet potatoes and Brussels slaw 

Snack: Banana 

Dinner: Vegetable bean soup 


Day 4:  

Breakfast: Spinach omelet and toast 

Lunch: Vegetable bean soup 

Snack: Blueberry chia pudding 

Dinner: Chicken with sweet potatoes and Brussels slaw 


Day 5:  

Breakfast: Egg and avocado toast 

Lunch: Vegetable bean soup 

Snack: Banana 

Dinner: Mediterranean chicken pizza 


Shopping List 


Avocado (3)        $1.00/ea                     

Bananas (2 lb)   $0.49 

Broccoli (1lb)                                   $1.49/lb 

Carrots (1lb)                                    $0.99 

Shaved Brussels Sprouts                $2.99 

Spinach                                           $1.99 

Sweet Potato (1.5 lb)                      $1.99/lb 



Cagefree Brown Eggs (1 dz)          $2.99 

Chicken (2 lb)                                 $4.99/lb    

Sirloin (1lb)                                     $6.99/lb 



Brown rice (1 lb)                              $0.99/lb 

Cannellini Beans (15 oz)                 $0.79 

Chia Seeds (2oz)                             $1.99 

Diced Tomatoes (14.5 oz) $1.49 

Whole Wheat Bread                         $2.99 


Whole Foods is killing its "Whole Paycheck" reputation and giving our wallets something to be excited about. Eating fresh, healthy and delicious on a budget? Who would've thought!  

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