Your Perfect Wine Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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By: Mike Dunn | John D’Alexander | Jim Ventura Posted: 9:36 AM, Mar 6, 2020 Updated: 12:22 AM, Jun 20, 2020

Sommelier John D’Alexander of Mora Italian and astrologer Jim Ventura help us pick the perfect wines based on our zodiac signs.



The most noticeable trait for Leo is exuberance. The solar power of Leo conveys energy and vitality. In some respects, all Leo’s are proud Lions. They are hard-wired to want to shine, be creative, and to often entertain others. Leo enjoys acknowledgment from others for their many talents and skills. They want to be appreciated. Leo’s enjoy the role of the “big-hearted-giver.” The negative aspect of Leo can be bravado. Leo’s wine is Merlot, as it’s loud and the life of the party. Merlot has a lot of blue fruit to it. Unlike a lot of other grapes, it has a good amount of tannin, a good amount of acid that are very well balanced, but it’s the life of the party.



Pisces people are deeply multi-layered and often creative. Pisces people can see the humanity in everyone. This special ability to be open-minded and tolerant is often a welcome attribute in a world where prejudice in one form or another is far too commonplace. The Pisces disposition toward kindness can also be a stumbling block at times. They may find themselves in situations where they are taken advantage of because of their tendency to want to see the good in everyone. Their wine is Gewurtraminer, which extenuates lychee and ginger as its flavor eccentric profile.



People who were born when the Sun was in Capricorn are marked by a steady disposition and an ability to work hard to overcome the obstacles that life may place along their path. The sign that is represented by the goat conveys an ability to “chew over” an issue before making firm decisions. Capricorns often take a pragmatic, realistic and sometimes cynical approach to how they view life. This can make them appear to others to be stern or hard to get to know, but Capricorns are no less emotional or sensitive than any other sign. In fact, behind their practical dispositions they are often extremely sensitive idealists! The early responsibilities and setbacks of life usually make them cautious about putting this part of themselves completely “out there.” Their wine is Aglianico from Italy. It has a big tannin power structure with a lot of velvet and floral components.



Libra is a zodiac sign that needs to find harmony, balance and justice. They are represented in the zodiac by scales because they weigh everything. Libra is ruled by Venus and this can bring affability, and an attractive disposition. Relationships are fascinating to Libra and also brings tests. People born when Sun was in Libra have charm to spare! They are truly a natural optimist, affectionate, and like to please. The negative can be a struggle with decisiveness. They’d enjoy a red blend, particularly one made of Syrah, Grenache, Mouvdre which embody fruit, power and structure; the perfect marriage of acid and tannins.



Aries are passionate, motivated and leaders. However, they also have an impulsive and aggressive side. They can become easily impatient or moody. This is why I suggest the Purple Angel 92% Carmenère and 8% Petit Verdot. Critics call it a “wine from another planet”. It is one of the biggest and most aggressive wines you’ll ever try.



Cancers often have a tough exterior but are big softies on the inside. They are emotional and romantic and love to create personal safe sanctuaries in their home. Cancers should drink a wine from Pauillac Bordeaux, France. They are known for a blend of grapes but typically referred to as an “iron fist in a velvet glove”.



Virgos are critical thinkers, hardworking and take responsibility seriously. They want to please everyone and can sometimes be too critical of others. They would enjoy Krug, or other Champagnes. Very hard work goes into the making of them, and because of the prestige, sometimes people think that they look down on others.



Taurus loves to relax and enjoy soothing aromas and are some of the most loyal people around. They should drink a Domaine Raveneau Chablis-Chardonnay grape, as it has some of the most amazing smells and are very loyal to the style that they produce.



These air signs are smart, outgoing and very versatile. Their sign is the twin, which means they are known to have two personalities in one. Klaus Peter Keller Abtserde GG  Riesling has so much fruit that it smells sweet, yet bone-dry on the pallet, conveying two personalities in one.



Scorpios are imaginative and intense, with an air of mystery always following them. They are born with a calm and cool behavior. Scorpios should drink Burgundy Domaine Dujac Echezeaux, an imaginative and intense wine. Pinot Noir from this area of the world always has an air of mystery around them.



Aquarius is independent and aloof. They love to be humanitarians and are born with a deep sense of needing to feel belonging in a community. Aquarius can sometimes be described as uncompromising and temperamental. They’d enjoy Tempranillo wine from Spain, a wine that’s uncompromising and can be temperamental at times.



Sagittarius has a great sense of humor and love to travel and roam free. They are idealistic and hate being constrained or dealing with clingy people. They should drink Syrah, a wine that has traveled around the world and tastes amazing wherever it comes from. It’s a wine that cannot be constrained.