Work Like a Dog! 3 Canine Careers for Your Pup

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By: Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 5:20 PM, Oct 31, 2017

Your dog might be thrilled to hang out on the couch but what do you think your pup would say if you told them they could get a job? There's more work out there for your pooch than you might think and we're showing you 3 canine careers you and your pups can embark on in no time – bark pun intended.

1. Therapy Dog

If your dog is a gentle, even-tempered soul that loves to see and meet new people, then they might make an excellent therapy dog. Therapy pups visit every kind of place to bring comfort to others – hospitals, nursing homes, schools, even some airports now have dogs that serve as nerve-calming buddies.

If you think your dog would make a great therapy hound, try taking the American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen test with them at home. The test lists basic skills, important for your pup when it comes to therapy dog work, like "accepting a friendly stranger" and walking through a crowd. If your dog breezes through those expected tasks, look into therapy dog certification programs in your area – some might even offer classes you and pup can take for extra training. Click here to find the nearest accredited therapy dog organizations near you!

2. Show Biz Dog

Think your pup is the canine version of Heidi Klum or Chris Hemsworth? Maybe its time to think about getting Fido into show business! The easy way to break into the biz: Use Instagram. It's a great way to get your pup noticed by brands and, with the right kinds of posts, your pup could be tapped by companies looking for canine ambassadors! You can also keep an eye out for pet photo contests held by pet product companies, pet supply stores, or other social media sites.

If you and your pup are ready to jump into stardom now, consider getting them signed with a pet agency – yup, there are legitamate talent agencies, just for animals! Look for one near you, but make sure you vet them – and don't be shy about asking an agency you like if they can recommend others as well. Most importantly, though, make sure your pup doesn't get too stressed in new, exciting situations and know how obedient they can be around new people – basic commands are important for getting the best look at your gorgeous pet.

3. Trick Dog

Is your dog incredible at learning new tricks in no time? Turn your talented pup into a certified trick dog! Plenty of pups get their kicks performing tricks at stunt shows like Stunt Dog Productions, where the company finds and trains their own pups to perform. But with the increasing popularity of owners wanting to do more with their pets, a lot of places have started to offer tricks training classes – a quick search can help you find classes in your area that will let you get tricky with your pup.

If you want to get your pup on the AKC's level of stunt excellence, get them trained and practicing the tricks under the club's different skill levels: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, or Performer. Once they get those tricks down, you can have your pet perform them in front of an AKC evaluator, and if Fido passes, he or she will officially get be titled an AKC trick dog; and get a chance to perform at AKC stunt competitions!

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