WOW! 3 Mind-Blowing Gadgets That Aid Your Health

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By: Jared Cotter Posted: 6:29 PM, Dec 15, 2017

A fitness tracker that reads your blood with infrared light? No, this isn’t something concocted by the Nutty Professor. Wearables have become super popular with folks looking to improve their health – but nowadays these gadgets are doing a lot more than counting steps. Here are three tech toys you should know about with some surprising capabilities – including possibly saving your life!

1. LVL

Obey your thirst! No, literally. LVL is the world’s first wearable that tracks your hydration and tells you precisely how much water to drink. How does it work? This gadget uses infrared technology to measure water levels in your blood, scanning your body ten times deeper than any other sensor can. Talk about small but mighty! In addition to learning your hydration habits, LVL monitors your heart rate, calorie intake, and even your mood. Who needs a mood ring when you can rock a mood bracelet, right? Whether you’re an athlete or just a normal person looking to drink more H2O, LVL has you covered! Pre-order yours now for about $200.

2. Upright Go

Everything your mother told you about slouching is true! Good posture lessens back pain and makes you look more confident – and item two on our list can help you do just that. Upright Go is a posture training device that helps you prevent slouching and develop proper body alignment. Simply place Upright on your back – which attaches with a special silicone adhesive – and it’ll vibrate whenever it senses you slouching over. Sure beats wearing a shock collar if you ask us! Whether you’re sitting, standing or walking, Upright records all your posture data to look at later in the app. Upright costs about $100 a piece, and you can order your own by clicking here.

3. VitalBand

Shouting Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up! is so 90s – now there’s a smart watch that does that for you! VitalBand accurately detects falls and automatically calls or texts critical contacts in case of an emergency. The device also monitors stats such as heart rate, and even lets you set medication reminders – features that could save your life and vocal chords! You can’t put a price on your life, but at about $160 a pop VitalBand sounds totally worth it to us.

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