Writing the future with the top 3 high-tech pens of 2017

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By: Jared Cotter | Orlando Morales Posted: 9:05 PM, Mar 15, 2017

Today that saying that the pen is mightier than the sword is more true than ever. They are indeed mighty and getting smart! Jared Cotter has the top three high-tech pens of 2017 that are literally writing the future.

1.  Phree

This is a device designed to turn any surface into a sheet of paper by digitizing writings and drawings onto your smartphone. It also has a touch screen that tells you the time and gives notifications. If you get a text you can respond with a hand written note. You can even take calls by holding it to your ear. You can preorder one now for around $198.

2.  Read N' Style Pen

This is a pen that wants to turn text to talk. It’s made for and by people struggling with dyslexia. It's designed to improve reading speed and comprehension by speaking the words aloud into wireless earbuds. They believe seeing the written words as they hear them pronounced helps dyslexics. You can preorder one now for around $300.

3.  ChargeWrite

This is a pen that's a screen cleaner and 15 gig flash memory drive. It'll even recharge your smartphone. The creators even came up with a design that charges both Android and iPhone models. You can preorder one now for around $30.

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