Yoga & Wine with Your Cat: 3 Paw-some Pet Cafés Across America

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By: Lindsey Granger | Kristina Guerrero Posted: 10:34 PM, Mar 7, 2018

More and more pet cafés are popping up in the U.S. From owl cafés to rabbit cafés, there are tons of creative pet adoption businesses all over the world where you can dine and bring you furry friend. Read on to learn more about the coolest ones across America. 

1. La Gattara Cat Café: Phoenix, Arizona 

Owned by Melissa Pruitt, La Gattara Cat Café is designed for people to come in, have a nice cup of coffee, and lounge with adorable kitties. The café also offers hour-long cat yoga classes, speed dating (yes – speed dating!) and meowditation! 

Cat themselves are stress-reducers, so people come in to the café and are guaranteed to leave with a smile on their face. The best part is that all cats at La Gattara are up for adoption. They've already found homes for more than 150 kitties. 

2. Neko Cat Café: Seattle, Washington 

Next, we're heading to Seattle to cross felines with fine wine at Neko Cat Café. They offer beer, wine and sake as an extra level of fun. The cat adoption shop even offers a full Japanese food menu with sweet and savory items, including happy meow-hour specials Monday through Friday. The purrrfect solution to a long, stressful day of work!  

3. Bark & Co's Puppy Pop-Up Café: New York City, New York 

Bark & Co. is designed to make dogs healthier, happier and even more spoiled than what they already might be. It is the first to create a traveling puppy pop-up shop, where people can go have a coffee and hopefully adopt a pooch. The founders' idea was that if people won't come to the shelter, they would take the shelter to people. So, they set up shop in the middle of Manhattan. 

The pop-up shop is only in Manhattan so far, but if you want them in your area, you can head on over to their website and request it to a location near you.  

Whether you're in the search for a new member in the family or you're looking to wind down from a day's work, pet cafés are an idea that's here to stay. And we personally believe it's simply PAWSOME! 

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