Your New Year’s Resolution Based on Your Zodiac

By: Ally Flahive | Teresa Strasser | Jim Ventura Posted: 11:53 PM, Dec 22, 2020 Updated: 12:47 PM, Jan 15, 2021

Astrologer Jim Ventura shares the perfect New Year’s resolution for each sign of the zodiac.



Pisces is a sign that often excels in kindness and empathy. They can be drawn in multiple directions. A good New Year’s resolution for Pisces is to learn perseverance. Make tangible commitments to what you want to do as opposed to fantasizing about what you “should do.” While it is wise to know when to get off a bad track, more often than not Pisces can get caught in the trap of quitting right before they are about to move forward. Make small goals like committing to exercise, eating better, having clearer boundaries with people, and remembering to prioritize taking care of yourself too in 2021.



Aries is strong, courageous, and action oriented. They are good at tacking new projects and enjoy new beginnings. Often  naturally active people, Aries can benefit by learning patience. Take up something that requires moving steadily and slowly like building a model airplane, puzzle, or maybe a ballet class! Practice not being irritated at how “slow” other people are. Take less personally this year. Drive without a specific destination leisurely. Resist the urge to see things as a battle; let someone get ahead of you in line. Be patient with yourself, Aries, as there really is no rush.



Taurus is grounded, sensual, and naturally consistent. They can even get a bit stubborn or routine. A good New Year’s resolution for Taurus is detachment. Practice looking at why others might do things there way even if it irritates you. Don’t take what others do personally, more often than not it is not about you. Try something new this year. Step out of your routine and comfort zone. Change up familiar eating patterns with some new foods; stretch your familiar palette of usual routines. It will help you understand other people’s motivations better too. Change can be good!



Gemini is a sign that loves knowledge, learning, and communication. They can be eternally curious and love thinking for its own sake! A good new years resolution for Gemini is to channel your mind. This means to stay focused on one channel at a time. The tendency to analyze everything can be balanced with remembering to feel and experience the flow of emotion in whatever way you decide. Try taking physical action like yoga and other types of exercise. Keeping the mind silenced can be attained by prayer, meditation, and just learning how to temporarily shut off your restless mind in 2021.



Cancers are sensitive, nurturing, and geared toward helping others. They value family. They tend to be selfless towards the people they care about. A good New Year’s resolution for Cancer is discernment. Not everyone deserves your thoughtful helping hands. What you offer is valuable. Give to yourself a bit more in the new year. Adjust your diet and lifestyle to finally take care of you!  Give yourself a spa treatment, or a trip or item you really want. Cut out anything in your life that doesn’t bring you joy and feels like obligation.



Leos are proud, confident, and creative. They can be naturally entertaining and enjoy sharing their light with others. A good New Year’s resolution is “humility.” Take a back seat and little more in the year ahead. Leo can get addicted to seeking praise to feel good about themselves. Let others take the spotlight from time to time. Resist the urge to get applause. Playful Leos can turn almost anything into fun. Teach other people how to do this in the year ahead. Volunteer to do social work, help animals maybe, and see the value of just being in the background sometimes.



Virgo is a sign that has high personal standards, and can become inevitably talented at anything they study. Virgo skills come from having a strong internal critic to motivate them. A good New Year’s resolution for Virgo is “tolerance.” Take some opportunities to not assume that everyone is wired the way you are and see if you can get a little less annoyed about other people’s inefficiency, lack of skill, or focus. Offer to help with practical ideas (ask first if they want the insight) to help others become more efficient. Compliment people when they do well, as they will really appreciate it coming from you. Do something spontaneous and not planned, as painful as that might seem. Enjoy not trying to fix everything all of the time and relax and have more fun in 2021.



Libra is a sign that seeks balance, they are relationship-oriented and not fond of being or being around people and things that are “course.” A good resolution for the new year is decisiveness. Seeing all sides of things is a good thing but can leave Libra fence-sitting too much, or fearful of making the wrong decision. Make decisions knowing that if it isn’t ideal. you will still learn from it. Let yourself get a little dirty with some gardening, or see the value in things that are a little course to you and simply fun. Go out to dinner by yourself and learn how to enjoy doing some things solo.



Scorpio is a sign that is tenacious, skillful, and intense. They have detective minds and like seeing what’s really going on. Scorpio is slow to anger, but it can be hard to shake when they are repeatedly pushed. A good New Year’s resolution for Scorpio is forgiveness. There’s a good chance you have had more than a few rounds of being wronged in your past. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you agree with what was done or wasn’t done. Forgiveness helps lighten your load and creates ease and joy. You won’t make the same mistakes because you learned and it probably helped you develop purpose too! Lighten up and be more playful in 2021, Scorpio. You have often have a great sense of humor. Turn the dark parts of your past into helping others and bring your creative, sexy charm into the light.



Sagittarius is a sign that enjoys communication, travel, exploring and offering insight and humor to people around them. They are often very opinionated, but have a charm that can make others still like them even when criticized. A good resolution for Sagittarius is to learn restraint. The urge to illuminate, add humor, and insight into every situation can be exhausting and not always appreciated. Sagittarius, you don’t always have to take action or add light. Remember the wisdom of do not cast thy pearls on swine. Sometimes people simply don’t want to laugh, hear a story, or be enlightened. Become more discerning about what people actually need in the moment. Meditate more this year, practice planning long term goals, trips, and plans in a slower more practical way in 2021.



Capricorns are tenacious, hard-working and focused. They like to mull things over a bit before taking action. A good resolution is to get more comfortable with sociability. You are not responsible for everyone and everything or how people feel or react. Lighten up a bit more. Take a few vacations. Do something occasionally that is unproductive for the simple fun of it. Take a break or two from working more and more. Start journaling, or practice communication in different lighter ways. Sing karaoke, or reach out to some new friends that are normally outside your comfort zone.



Aquarius is intelligent, eccentric and enjoys being noted for originality. They are already wired to often seek out new goals. Social causes, and connections with groups are often important to them. A good resolution is to practice warmth. Aquarius can often get in their heads a bit too much and are fixed in their approach to their knowledge. This can make them forget to simply feel sometimes. Emotional books, movies, and music can feel really good. Be more accepting of your darker parts as well as those parts in others, repress less and show the human side of you a bit more in the new year.


If you needed some help picking a New Year’s resolution, now you’ve got the perfect one based on your zodiac sign.