YouTuber Motoki with 3 Epic Dance Moves – Mother Isn’t Impressed

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Posted: 5:14 PM, Jul 29, 2016

Motoki Maxted has millions of fans online, but his biggest fan, is his sweet mother. She might not be as big of a fan of his lip syncing, and dancing skills. While out on a drive, his camera was rolling, and he decided to cover some of the top pop songs, but his mom, like a boss, had zero cares. This viral video will have you shakin' it, and rolling on the floor with laughter!

Check out our #trendingUP video of the day, "Another Car Ride with Motoki," below:

Here are 3 EPIC dance moves by Motoki, that don't even come close, to impressing his mother:

1.  Strike a Pose

2.  The Britney Spears

3.  Improvisation

Well Motoki, your mom might not be impressed, but we sure are!

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