YouTubers Tripp and Tyler Spoof Painfully Relatable Things That Happen in “Every Hotel”

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By: Dave Taylor | Kristina Guerrero Posted: 7:11 PM, Mar 27, 2018

Hotels. Love them or hate them, you can count on having had similar experiences no matter where you stay. It can be a lot of fun, but it can put you in weird situations that you can't help but laugh at. That's the main idea behind YouTubers Tripp and Tyler's Latest Video, "Every Hotel Ever."  

The three-minute video is made to look like your traditional hotel ad, but pokes fun at those situations we can all relate to. Things like unplugging your alarm clock to charge your phone; the room's entertainment with movies worth the price for an actual movie ticket plus snacks; a cozy chair for your suitcase ;a cleaning lady walking in on you while you do your business and much more. 

Check out the hilarious video featuring these comedy stars below, and count how many of these hotel experiences you've been through.  

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