What Your Zodiac Sign Needs Most in a Relationship

By: Jacqui Denker | Segun Oduolowu | Jim Ventura Posted: 12:42 PM, Feb 14, 2020 Updated: 12:43 PM, Jan 15, 2021

We all have the desire to love and be loved. But according to astrology, every sign has that one thing they need to feel completely fulfilled in a relationship. So we turned to astrologist Jim Ventura to learn what we all long for based on our zodiac signs.



Aries needs a goal, challenge and enjoys bravely pursuing goals and even when looking for a parter. But to win Aries heart Aries will ultimately need their partner to sometimes bravely “put them first.”



Taurus strives and will work hard to enjoy the benefits of comfort and security. But ultimately to win Taurus’s heart you will need to “value them.”



Gemini enjoys mental stimulation, communication, and learning. But to ultimately win Gemini’s heart gemini needs someone to “anchor them.”



Cancer enjoys the benefits of home and family and values service to others. But to win Cancer’s heart Cancer needs a partner to value “Cancer’s feelings and emotional range.”



Leo enjoys entertaining others, creating success, and being seen as a giver. But to ultimately win Leo’s heart Leo needs “adoration.”



Virgo enjoys thinking, repairing, and practicality. But to ultimately win Virgo’s, heart Virgo needs “validation.”



Libra works to create balance and harmony in the world around them. But to ultimately win Libra’s heart Libra needs a bit of romance and a lot of “serenity.”



Scorpio has the power to overcome and to influence others. But to ultimately win Scorpio’s heart Scorpio needs “unwavering commitment.”



Sagittarius have a flair for adventure, storytelling and values discussing ethics. But to win Sagittarius’s heart Sagittarius needs “truthfulness.”



Capricorn works hard and can take on responsibility easier than other signs. Social comforts may take extra time to achieve. But to ultimately win Capricorn’s heart Capricorn needs “respect.”



Aquarius enjoys being unique, having good friendships, and acquiring knowledge. But to ultimately win Aquarius’s heart Aquarius needs a partner with “vision and shared goals.”



Pisces are compassionate, understanding and often creative. But to ultimately win Pisces heart Pisces needs “romance.”


Now we can give our loves what they truly need, according to astrology!