Josh Nasar's Joyride Mission Is Changing Lives

Posted at 2:10 PM, May 25, 2023

The expression "laughter is the best medicine" has been around forever, probably because it's something we can all use more of. So today we're introducing you to a social media personality who's won over millions with his unique way of interacting with people on the street — and leaving those people happier than he found them! Josh Nasar shares his story and some ways we can all add a little bit more laughter in our lives.

Pure positivity

Josh says his childhood was intense, crazy and chaotic, full of trials and tribulations — so he chose a job that focuses on the positive. In the midst of daily chaos in the news, his mission is to spread lighthearted humor. His videos involve interactions with unsuspecting strangers — and the zingers he delivers are designed to make people feel good, and brighten up their day.

Wholesome interactions

His videos connected with viewers -- and made him realize that there’s a huge need for wholesome interactions. As he says, you never know if somebody's going through a divorce, health problems, or money problems -- if he can give them a boost, it's mission accomplished.


His style is basically mixing his humor with exuberance, positivity and politeness -- and the result is a lot of smiles. He says he gets messages from all over the world of people telling him how much they love his videos and how he cheered them up. In his words — “not bad for a dude who screams out the window of his car!”

adapted for web by Dave Hanson